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Day 5 of the Rebuild!

Continuing on with the build journal.

First order of the day was to start taking care of some cleaning. The rat's nest below the starter was not kosher.

Definitely seems like some oil has been leaking from here.

Nothing some wire brushes and kerosine can't take care of.

Starting to look much better!

After cleaning, it was time to work on the left side of the engine and take care of replacing the doohickey, which I believe is really called the engine balancer chain tensioner.

To fully remove the left side engine cover, the wires from the stator needed to be unplugged.

They went in here.

Next was the specialty holder so that the crank rotor bolt could be removed.

All it took was my breaker bar and an extension from my car jack. It seemed like it was over torqued, even for 130ft/lbs.

I definitely put the key and rotor spacers in a bag for safe keeping. It seems like they would be prone to getting lost.

Here's the stock doohickey and spring exposed.

At this point, I decided to take a quick break to organize my workshop table. I also had a friend over helping. He did a pretty nice job giving the exhaust header a couple of quick coats of ceramic exhaust paint.

Annnd… back to working on the doohickey.

Next step for me was to start taking off the inner cover for easier access.

The furthest left bolt is shorter. This one is the bolt that goes inside the case.

Inner cover is off!

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