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Looks like it's a stock doohickey.

Here's some comparisons between stock and the Eagle Mike Doohickey replacement. Considerably better quality.

The stock spring. I'm going to be using the torsion spring from Eagle Mike as a replacement.

Here it is compared with an Eagle Mike spring. I'll be using the torsion spring, so neither of these will actually be going into the engine.

Time to drill the hole for the torsion spring. The instructions called for it to be drilled just left of below the opening for the doohickey adjuster.

Here is a picture of the drilled hole.

Cleaning the old gasket material off.

The instructions didn't mention if silicone gasket material was needed or not, but I think that a small amount would help.

Lightly coated.

Putting the inner cover back onto the left side of the engine.

The new doohickey and torsion spring ready to go on! I put one end of the torsion spring into the newly drilled hole, then placed the new doohickey on.

After that, it was just a matter of hooking the torsion spring onto the doohickey. It wasn't too bad once I figured out the angle to get it. Fortunately there was an extra set of hands to help get it on.

After that was completed, I got a phone call from the machine shop. My cylinder jug was ready to be picked up!

Mmmmm… Look at that hone.

Putting the coolant connector back onto the cylinder. I later had to take this back off to torque the cylinder acorn nuts.

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