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More glamour shots.

I kept getting distracted and taking photos of the newly bored cylinder.

Cleaning the engine bottom end in preparation for the new piston and machined cylinder.

Here's the fancy new piston from Eagle Mike. It's definitely a looker. It seems that the piston is an Arias piston. The machine quality on it is excellent. Considerably lighter than stock!

The machine shop also got all my ring gaps set. I double checked and they were spot on.

I always forget how thick assembly lube can be. Spreading it along the wrist pin for insertion into the piston.

Next, I put the left side wrist pin in, started the wrist pin going in and began working on getting the wrist pin and piston lined up with the connecting rod.

It took a little bit of force and patience, but it eventually slid in nicely.

New 688cc piston installed!

Next, it was time to add a little bit of assembly lube to the cylinder walls and piston to prepare it for installation. I also re-checked and re-re-re-re-checked the piston ring's clocking.

Stay on targetů

One of these days I'm going to get a ring compressorů Fortunately this was just a single and not too terrible.

After the rings were aligned and in, the cylinder dropped down nice and smooth!


Then, I had to run out and get a crow's foot to torque down the cylinder mounting acorn nuts. This was the first time I had ever used one. It seems that as long as the driver is 90░ to the crow's foot, the torque readings are correct and no conversion is necessary.

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