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After the cylinder was in, it was time to return to finishing up the doohickey. Consequently, this is where things soon went pear shaped.

The new rotor bolt, ready to be installed.

Putting the spacers onto the end of the crank.

Here, you can actually see that the tension on the chain had dropped, (unbeknownst to me) become unaligned and in a position where it would end up being crushed between the block and the starter rotor.

With the rotor on, it was time to put the little key in and the stator magnet on.

Ready for the rotor bolt to be threaded in and torqued. Which would end up resulting in some choice words in a few moments.

Here is a picture my friend took as I was sliding the cam chain guide in. Something was clearly messed up. The chain was jammed and it prevented the chain guide from sliding in correctly.

At this point, we pretty much dropped the camera and took the rotor bolt, stator magnet and starter gear off pretty quickly to find out the extent of the damage.

Here's the starter gear. Chewed up a little bit and bent.

The worst was the block. In this game of rock-paper-scissors, the cast aluminum block definitely lost.

Fortunately, after much visual inspection, the cam chain looked untouched.

We cleaned up all the aluminum bits we could find and stopped working on the bike for the night right there. We had been working on the KLR for most of the day and, after the cam chain issue, we definitely needed a break.

The next day we started off with the easiest part to fix. Some fellow users on recommended filing, smoothing and bending back into place the rotor.

It's starting to look better already.

It spins freely without catching on anything. I think this might be OK.

After a little bit more sanding.

Notice the spacing on these "teeth" (purpose unknown, oiling?) are slightly off.

After the spacing was fixed, it looked pretty good actually!

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