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Day 5 of the Rebuild!

I was not mentally ready to deal with engine case yet, so we moved on to getting the right side of the engine wrapped up.

A little bit of kerosine to clean up the gasket surface.

The now clean oil screen.


Getting the impeller ready for the new seals and spring.

Driving out the old seal. Note: using a larger drift works better. You will soon see why!

This is why…

New seal for the impeller.

A 7/8ths socket matched up nicely to the new seal that needed to be driven into the side cover.

There's also an oil/water drain for anything that leaks past the seals. We made sure to clean it out. It was a tad crusty.

Here's the new seal driven in.

And the impeller goes on…

Side cover bolts? Ready.

Oiling up the ends of the bolts for a smooth install.

Cover ready for bolts.

Installing the bolts.

Once the cover was on, it was time to re-attach the clutch cable.

Side note: it's great to have friends help out on projects… just keep an eye on them before they start fixing everything else on the bike.

"These hand grips are toast!"

Next, the impeller bolt goes on.

Rear brake can be reinstalled now.

Here's a handy trick I picked up from my friend. If you cut the corner off of a baggy and fill it with the silicone gasket maker, you can apply a very thin bead. It's very similar to how bakers apply frosting to write "Happy Birthday" and such.

On goes the water pump cover!


OEM filter goodness. Definitely fit a lot more snug than the aftermarket K&N filter.

We also noticed that the oil pressure bypass valve had some crud in it. It didn't feel very smooth. Some WD-40 and pressurized air fixed that. It's considerably smoother now.

Now, it was time to finish fixing previous mistakes. The last part was to take care of the chipped case. The consensus on the ADVrider forum seemed to be that the case would be fine, it would just need some filing and cleaning up.

My friend decided to take the first round on the filing so that I could get a couple of action shots.

We made sure to catch any of the shavings with a shop towel that had WD-40 on it. We were also extremely careful about cleaning the surface and surrounding area after the filing.

Here's the end results.

It holds the cam chain guide just as firmly as it did before. I think I'm in the clear. Hopefully!

Now, feeling a sense of relief we decided to call it a night. Everything is caught up on the bike for what parts I have. At this point, I'm mainly waiting for the refreshed head from Eagle Mike to arrive.
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