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The Dunbar Piers.

Deep in the hills of the southwestern section of Washington county in Fairfield township you can find the stone piers of the now defunct MC&C (Marietta, Cincinnati and Cleveland) Railroad. The piers once supported the railroad bridge that spanned this valley where the west branch of the Little Hocking river runs south to it's destination of the Little Hocking river.

I've wanted to ride out to this area for some time and I finally took the trip back in October. It's best to see these structures when the leaves are gone from the trees.

The DRZ parked along township road 239 is dwarfed by the stone structure.

The tallest pier is around 80 feet and at either ridge there are huge stone abutments.

I hiked up to the eastern abutment and walked out to the edge for a look.

Looking straight down over the edge......

After that I hiked up to the western abutment............the hillside was almost vertical. Here you can get a sense of the shear size of the piers. The little DRZ looks even smaller next to these things.

The western abutment....

From the top of the western abutment looking east.......

In this picture you can see the steel plates that were used to anchor the bridge structure to the stone. There's a pretty nice Xmas tree there also if you have the nutz to go get it.

There is a story that this area is haunted. The train derailed here in the late 1800's and if you spend the night you can still hear the screams of the dying victims. I don't believe that for a minute but you will never catch me camping here overnight.

In this shot I'm leaning out to catch the DRZ on the road at the right of the middle pier.....

Inside the arch....

The stones are said to have been cut from the site and raised into position by large derricks.

It's a nice ride and a very impressive place to visit.
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