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That C.Deam design (the one with the sliding doors) seems to have been produced by Breckenridge but it's no longer in their online catalog and their email link is broken. I have sent inquiries to the architect directly so it should be interesting to see what develops.

I could see that for my needs. Notice how the sliding doors are recessed? Put an awning there, probably hinged at the top. Lower the awning to protect the doors (for either transportation or while you are away and traveling, an important element for me) and raise the awning for shade and as a carport (important in all of the tropical climates that I would set it up in).

Remove a sliding door or two from one side and put some on the other side. Since there is no real front or back that would ease orientation in setting it up on another site.

There is a class of homes that you see in RVing areas every so often that are meant to work in conjunction with an RV. Typically they have large carports with Rv hookups and no guest quarters with the idea that you would put any guest into the RV. I could see that here.

Also, if circumstances changed I could see adding a workshop/garage made up of a single 40 ft. ISO container or two 20 ft. containers. With matching colors and similar rectangular lines if you did things right you could have a home module, a workshop module, a covered carport space between them for the toy hauler trailer, and it wouldn't scream out "tacky."

Yeah. I could see it. Build it in pieces as finance and circumstances allow, have the various modules stand alone or work together.

The housing unit pictured is probably relatively simple to build. I would think that a frame of rectangular steel tubing would be a good start. If it's plumb, or someone can find a welder to make it plumb, then you'd be good to go. Weld the basic framework and then do the interior with lumber and you'd have a strong structure.

Possibly build on an old park model trailer chassis, perhaps one that has been highly modified. That way you would have the paperwork in hand to satisfy most RV parks that accept park trailers if anyone asks.


On that last part. Just checking my poor old Southwind RV. It has a Fleetwood insignia and the seal of whatever organization certifies RV compliance attached to the door. I keep thinking that Fleetwood went bankrupt, the travel trailer division closed completely, and the rest sold to other owners. Just wonder if there isn't a super unknown prototype of a futuristic park model out there somewhere that has since been upgraded and highly modified. Could happen I guess.

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