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Wow that is an amazing looking bike kayaker! I run a small eco/tourist business in Malaysia. Deep in the jungle we have some of the most amazing secluded mountains, rivers and waterfalls. I've wanted to add those places to our itinerary but only the most hard core dirtbikers on 300 lb KLX250's (one of the ONLY common dirt bikes here) and long distance hikers can make it out there (without fainting from heat exhaustion!)

On a bike like this I bet it would open up places like that to a much larger group of folks! Ever heard of a KLX150? It's a street legal, but cheaper version of the trail KLX 140 in the US. (Both have 144cc engine). Heavier shock, cast swingarm and other parts it brings the weight to 250 lbs ready to ride with 9 rear wheel hp and poor suspension for a 95lb person. The good thing is they are uber reliable, cheap and everywhere now. BBR got a big bore/carb kit that can get it up to 14 rwhp and KX80/85/100 suspension bolts right on. I wonder if a guy like you could get the 250 lber down to 200 ready to ride?
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