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Originally Posted by Cafe Racer View Post
Inspired? Yes, I suppose. But I went through a very similar episode in my life. A long term relationship with a gal that decided that she needed to suddenly " go ". The "it's not you" BS.

This began my " journey". My episode of wander. My living life close to the edge. I left what I hadn't lost and...

That was just over 5 years ago.

I am now good but memories will always remain. And for me that is a good thing. But I still find solace with the open road. And in a few months I will be on the highway with my SuperDuke. Destination not known.

When you make it up to the Bay Area feel free to contact me. We can get dining in the City. Always love good food and conversation.

As to the inspiration. I think I will limit myself to just a tank bag and a backpack. (And debit card)

I'm starting to think the same way, I've been camping the GS way and carrying about a hundred pounds worth of gear and sleeping in a tent rain or shine cold or hot and now I'm going to be seventy this year i'm thinking hotel motel and hostel is the way to go and who needs more than a few days worth of underwear. That is what they make laundry mats for is it not. ?
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