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Originally Posted by CPRFAB View Post
Ronski, looking at your first pic I seems that you may have overlooked line 13 in the instructions. It states "Do not force the filter down to the plate by pushing on it as this may damage the plastic tabs or break them. Rather “Pinch” them together gently and once the red part of the base of the filter is over the black plastic base you will be able to lock the “D” rings to the plate".
Our new plates are indestructable can no longer be damaged but it seams that you have managed to secure the D ring without the filter seated. This can only be done by force and we would recommend that you pull the filter securely to the right before you attempt to lock the D ring moving forward.
We apologize that you had this problem and can assure you that we are closing in on nearly 1000 units in use and have never seen this problem. Ever. If you would like to send us the unit we are happy to inspect the issue and replace any parts we feel may be in question. We stand behind our product 100% and are always available if you have any questions.

The CPR Fab team.

OK, I will try again to explain the issue here.
I took the filter assembly off the bike, to better see what's happening.
With the filter mounted to the base plate, you can see the rear ear of the filter is fairly well centered on the ear of the base plate-

The front ears though, do not line up-

My concern was that the filter frame was contacting the breather valve, and not allowing it to center on the front portion of the base plate-

So I took the valve off the base plate, to see if that would allow the frame to fit better.
It looks the same to me, still not centered, which won't allow the filter to seal properly-

Looking through the valve mounting hole, it looks like there is plenty of clearance for the valve, so it seems like just a poor fit of the filter to the frame-

I would like to point out that following step 13 of the instructions is not very practical with the fuel tanks installed, since you can't really see underneath the base plate to verify the fit of the filter.
Of course, it would have been very helpful to have seen the instructions, but I didn't find any included with the original filter, or with the updated base plate.
At this point, with the interfering piece of the filter cracked off, the filter fits just fine, and am VERY pleased with the performance increase after some jetting work.
I was surprised that there were no jetting suggestions with the filter, but thankfully there were enough OC members working on their own jetting that were gracious enough to share their work.
If there were one suggestion I would make, it would be to angle the mounting hole for the breather valve, for greater clearance between the hose and the carb top-

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