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Originally Posted by garrett View Post

Thats WHY Paul was riding so fast! Damn thats funny stuff.

Hey Paul if you have that much riding without snow I'm not sure I'd bother studding up your tires. Here, there's about 6 inches to a foot on most of the trails. The REAL fun is riding on the creeks and through the bogs where you can't go in the summer. Winter riding is a blast but I'm REALLY giving the HDB handguards a workout. I think I fell 8 times today. I also whacked my arm on a tree, but you can really haul up some cool climbs that you might not be able to in the summer. It's fun but riding on pavement eats the studs. Might be a cool spark show at night though...

Don't stud your tires, followed by.... I'm crashing a lot
Thats why the car studs are perfect, just last month I was riding down the paved road going 50-60 mph with no problem.
Just say'IN
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