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Two tour’s ago brought us through this area already. We rode the Battle Mountain trail and thought we really ought to get back here. Well this year we managed to actually stay in the same location for two nights allowing us to ride Battle Mountain sans bags.
We head on out a remarkably early start (early for us anyway) and we head for Battle Mountain. We rode from the south to north last time. We opted for the north to south just to mix it up. Logging activity in the area caused a 30 mile detour that should have put an additional 2 miles on the odometer. You know, we are here to ride motocycles, so more miles more smiles, right? The good news is that we got to ride the road that makes you feel like you are riding in the Dakar and you are winning. This road brings you down into Saratoga. It was a pleasant surprise that we would get to ride it again!

From the north, Battle Mountain has a loose rocky dusty hill that we thought we would never end (too bad it did). I am no expert at off-road riding, but I would say that at least on a six-fity, it was a pretty gnarly road. Perhaps these photos don't look that gnarley is really good.

Then we come to this….

Some dude with WAY too much money will end up buying this piece. Either the trail will have to be vastly improved or everything will be helicoptered in. Either way, if there is a piece of property the USFS needs to buy this is it.

A tremendous ride all along this amazing ridge….

We finish up the trail and stop to recount how much frickin’ fun that was! We think, what a great place to enjoy one of the best beers on the planet, Dales Pale Ale. Drink some sometime:

"Man we are some tough sons-of bitches blah, blah, blah" and then this guys comes walking out of the woods. His name is Jesse, he is from Portland and he is walking the Continental Divide Trail. Okay, we just rode a VERY small portion of the CDT and this guy is just about to enter Colorado at the end of September. Who is tough? He is planning on staying the night in Encampment and it would only seem logical that we give him a ride ‘cause that is where we are going. This guy was great. We told him to put on most of the warm clothing he had with him and hold on. Shep took him, Darryl took his pack, I took the photos.

Everything is better with cows around...

Enjoyed a delicious beverage with him at the Mangy Moose (I think that was the name) said our good-byes, well wishes, and enjoyed a most beautiful ride back to camp. I could spend way more time in that county.

Had to plan for tomorrow, obviously. And drink more beer.... tomorrow the Difficulty Road. I have been waiting three years to ride this road. What a great name.

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