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Originally Posted by TurkeyRun View Post
Yea, well that's what the Rider's Manual calls it so I thought I'd play along. Maybe it was a BMW thing like the kickstand, what BMW calls the sidestand, HD calls a "jiffy stand" - no idea why.

Did you get a listen to the motor in my vid? Does it sound healthy enough to ride to you?

Really appreciate all you folks replying here - I'm such a BMW n00b, it really helps.
It didn't sound great, but I don't think running it will hurt it. THey are pretty tough motors. But I would get the old oil out. You mentioned you had to put a quart of oil in it. These motors are hard to check the oil on unless you know the secret code. Too much oil in them will get them running rough, so since you are going to change it out anyhow, now is a good time. Putting 3-1/2 qts in will be adequate. Now that you have that covered, properly, move on to the next step. Pulling the plugs might not be a bad idea. Same with the air filter...mice love them. The idea though is to get the bike running to the point you can ride it around the neighborhood running clean fluids thru it. Boxer motors do not like to be idled for long periods of time, hence getting it moving. Once you have clean fluids everywhere, have run some cleaner, energized gas thru it, you will then have a better starting points ( base line ) as to what needs to be done to the bike. We are not talking days here....most of this can be accomplished in a good afternoon.


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