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Originally Posted by Adamco2 View Post
Thanks Kiko- The footpeg has already been done and I'm hoping to be able to afford an 8" light before June.

Achile- I'm hoping to have the time for a complete disassembly. What am I looking for with the cam chain? Is it stretch? How do you tell?



My worn cam chain was very obvious. It had quite a bit of side to side play, had eaten the sides of the plastic sliders and the tensioner was maxed out on travel. I had something around 20-30k miles on mine. I believe there is a spec in the manual but I would say that it should be easy to tell if it is bad or good.

Originally Posted by BuRPsa View Post
Yip, spark every revolution - anyone with a Trailtech computer should know this.

I also was thinking about 'off timing', although a bit unlikely I think. The XRR fires (on kicking) at precisely TDC, the CDI starts to advance at crank speeds higher than by kicking it round.
"Too early" (before TDC) would cause kickbacks causing the decomp to act. Snorting into the exhaust, plus maybe coughing back into the airbox. If no decomp-system present (non-std cam but for the genuine HRC) then it might break a leg/foot, but notice you fooken will!
"Too late" would cause normal starting & running but just a bit lousy, unless of course when it is heaps off the mark.

Off-timing could be caused either by a worn/damaged key-match, or the trailing edge of the welded-on plate (rectangular protrusion) on the rotor/flywheel is damaged. Both not common problems - but maybe worth checking if Ist got it off anyway?
I'm with you. I think all the things I have checked point to ignition timing being off. I'll have to check the pickup and the woodruff. If that doesn't do it, I may pull the cam and take a closer look at the auto decomp again.

Originally Posted by BuRPsa View Post
Just a hunch Allan, 'false air' - go check the head2manifold & manifold2carb connections, plus that one screw/bolt on top of the head? If it leaks air somewhere here then you know it'll be a bastid to start, and won't like to idle then too. I'd check this before you dig in deep again, causes often are simple things.
I hadn't thought of that. I'll have to check.

Originally Posted by pwrtrippin View Post
Its possible to shear the woodruff key and throw the timing way off. Bought a bike with this problem.

For some reason to me it sounds like the ignition timing is off since it is back firing. I'm not sure but I think the piggy is a lost spark system ( fires every revolution) so i don't think it is possible to time the engine 360degrees off.

Have you pulled the stator cover off? To check the stator, I would check for continuity between the stator windings, disconnect all the wires. Green and White/yellow stripe, then check the same wires to a frame ground. These are your power leads for headlight tail light. Next do the same thing with the Brown and Black/red stripe. These are your power for the CDI and coil. There should be continuity between the wires but not to ground. Do the same with Blue/ yellow strip and the Green/ white stripe. These are your pickup, once again you should have continuity between the wires but not to ground.

I think form the sounds of it the stator is good though. I would definately look more into ignition timing issues.
Stator cover has been off quite a few times. One thing I haven't check at all is the flywheel woodruff key. I hadn't even thought of it even though i had a car do that once. Good idea! I'll check the stator wires closer and the key and get back to you all.

Originally Posted by Beserker View Post
Quick to check though, and worthwile if you got the bike from somebody that is not an experianced mech
I've set the cam timing three or four times now and I've owned this bike for a while so the only person I have to blame is me. I doubt it is 360 out but that was one of the things I checked closely when I had the head off last week.

Thanks guys!

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