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Originally Posted by SAPB View Post
80 dB, had no idea, seems pretty quiet, even by comparing to bikes I've had recently. I think some have said that this computer controlled system is way more sophisticated than ones in the past, mostly to keep the "backyard mechanic", out of the loop. Haven't heard from Ramz lately, I think he stated something like, you won't believe what information we can get out of this. Not quoting, but here on this thread, quite early on, he stated something similar. Others have noted that changing anything is a no no on current laws, nobody getting hung around here just lately, though, the pirates are taking mufflers off for the first mod. Oh crap, pirates, and KTM bashing, I though this was a CRF forum

I'm not a back yard mechanic. I have 20 years of experence with this type of fuel injection and engine controller diagnosis, programing and custom tuning. I'm not bragging just informing you.

The injection system on the CRFL is designed using automotive technology. It is a closed loop speed density system.

I'm very experenced with this style system. I could put a turbo on it and dial it in correctly if there was room. I can basicly give you more info the a Honda tech can.

I'm willing to help as needed and answer any questions. You just have to put up with me. I can get kinda out there at times, just nicely point it out so I don't go on a rant. I've been hit in the head a few too many times and would like to get the knowledge/info out well I still can. I also have a brain tumor and other heath issues so please keep this in mind.

I haven't studied the system in detail yet since I don't own one... I plan on checking into it so I know what sensors it uses. Then I can explain how the system operates so everyone can understand.

I could use some help gathering pictures and verifying some sensor information so I can provide accurate information.

A chance to study the service manual(or get one) would be great. Then I could give step by step help and instructions as needed.

I believe it has the following sensors. If someone could double check the list and add the other possilble ones that would be great.

BMAP = Barometric/Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor or a sensor for each.
TPS = throttle position sensor
CTS = Coolant Temperature Sensor
OS or O2 = Oxygen Sensor
IAC = Idle Air Control valve/stepper motor
CKP = Crankshaft Position Sensor
IAT sensor = Intake Air Temperature sensor

Some good detailed pictures would be great if someone could help me out. Lost has a good one and I plan on searching for more, I will give credit for each picture I can ID unless I can't find it or you don't want we to.

I think I want to start a new post like "CRF250L engine control details and tech"

If that sounds good to the CRF250L owner and followers out there let me know???

If you could PM me pictures, info or questions feel free. This way it won't clog up this thread and be great source of info that can be located easy.

Over and out...


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