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It's a rolling chassis....

Well, almost, I probably wouldn't try rolling it around til I get at least the front brake all together and bled. But I realized it would be so much easier to change out the front tire direction if I did it now before I started bleeding the brakes, so now the front tire is rotating in the proper direction. Although I maintained my hamfisted tire changing ability by puncturing another tube. The disgusting part is that when I was 15, my first job in a service station was that I was the main tire changing fool. And I thought I was pretty good at it too. Well, although I didn't scratch the rims (any more than they already were), I suspect no one will believe me because both of them are already scratched all to hell.

So now, the next thing I need to ponder is how to deal with the headlight connectors. Kinda long story, but the short version is that the molex connectors were pretty buggered up when I started working on the wiring last summer, so I bought all new connectors online, and the little tool that lets me extract the pins and I set to work replacing them. It turns out that the connector pairs I bought don't actually latch together, it's almost like they both are expecting to go thru bulkhead fittings or some such hunk of metal with the proper hole l x w.....
By the time I figured out what was wrong, I already had it ready to ride, so I gave it a little try-out, and one of the connector pairs just came apart, I guess I was hoping the pin forces would hold them together. So I ended up using RTV to anchor them together...solved that problem, but it looks like crap, and now that I have it apart again, I should really try to find the proper connectors and fix it so I'm not ashamed of the way it looks.

See the little tabs on the side of the three pin connector? That's what I need on the males of the larger ones in order to actually latch the females from the wiring harness together with the male connections from inside the bucket. Without those, I'm gonna have to resort to the RTV again....I think I'll spend a little time looking harder before I decide which way to go. As added incentive, I bought an ebay metal Aprilla headlamp bucket that looks a lot nicer than the plastic one that came with my bike. So I don't really mind redoing those connectors, if I can find the proper males with the latching tabs. Anyone knows a source, I'm appreciative in advance.

Greg, Thanks for the solid brake line suggestion. Unfortunately, I already have the originals on order, and unless I manage to mess them up, I think they'll probably look and work better than anything I could bend myself.
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