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Oh, yeah!

Almost forgot. I got in the little spacer I needed for the rear wheel, and I have to say, it was a piece of cake fitting it in the bevel drive without having to remove anything! It was actually a tight fit, and required the disc brake carrier to rotate upside down until I got the bevel drive gear to seat, then there was all kindsa room. The larger dia end of the axle works as a perfect spacer, makes you respect the italian engineers who made it this easy to work on. I'm so happy about that, I didn't even mind it when I realized I only balanced the front wheel, so the rear will get to come off again. No big deal, and besides, I'm used to doing things two or three times before I get mad at myself.

Kinda reminds me of a guy I used to work with, had an old corvette. Told me he decided to get rid of it when he crawled out from under it all pissed off at something he couldn't get to fit, and started kicking the rear fender til he managed to break the fiberglass. Lesson I learned from him is that you should expect to do things up to three times before you get it right...without getting mad.

later, roy
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