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I've owned 5 Vstrom's over the years and like the Tiger, it can do off road and I've certainly had mine many places I probably shouldn't have, but stuggling with all that top heavy weight gets old with such a big bike. With that said, coming from a multi-cylinder bike like the Vstrom, I tried the KLR650 as a bike that might replace the strom as something more off road oriented and I hated it. Although the KLR is certainly more capable off road than the strom, the horrible long distance manners didn't pay off for how much of a pig it really still was in the dirt. It will do the long distances and plenty of guys do, but I just don't care for thumpers for the long high speed hauls. Stay on 55-65mph back roads, and they are pretty nice. Overall though, they just wear on you too much on the interstate. I have a DR650 now and It's kind of my exploring bike on back roads, but I still don't care for running it on in the interstate or ever long sections of tarmac. I actually think my WR250R is more comfy on the longer hauls. I've decided I got tired of trying to make a big bike work off road and do use my little bikes for that, but its always a trade-off and I couldn't do with out my Vstrom for those really long distance rides.

The only thumper I've found that I really don't mind on the interstate is my wife's F650GS single. Its a very smooth thumper and does fairly well on the open road. Its the dual spark model which makes a nice difference. I've often thought the Dakar version would make a nice addition to the garage.

With that said, since your wife has the Versys with the 19" front wheel, are you looking for something to join her, but smaller than the Tiger? I would think certainly anywhere she can take a fully loaded Versys with bags, you could take the Tiger or any similar size Adv bike?

Or are you really looking for a smaller 650 Thumper while your wife rides the Versys?
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