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Originally Posted by mdubya View Post
Honda needs to slip a factory bike under Shorty ASAP. He deserves it.
Honda gave Short a factory bike for years and he did nothing with it.

I saw Shorts bike last night at the race and it looked like the same bike without the Mcgrath team graphics. Not that I could really tell.

Did anyone notice in the 250 coverage that Roczen fell 4 seconds back of Seely on about lap 4 (right after the firt Tomac crash)? They didn't show it in the coverage but he had a HUGE moment on the finish line double. He gets on he gas into the double, which th guys were taking as a right hand turn, and his back wheel slides out going up the face of the jump. He goes off the jump sideways at about 90 degrees, but has slowed down alot so doesn't really catch a whole lot of air. He lands between the two jumps, still 90 degrees to the direction of travel, gets the bike back under him, and can then go over the landing ramp to start chasing Seely. He was much, much faster thn Seely and it was obvious that Roczen would catch him, it was just a matter of when. It happened on lap 12, so it took him about 8 laps to close about 4 seconds. Impressive.

And from practice on, Tomac didn't have anything for Roczen last night. Roczen was just on, and then Tomac got the bad start and things went south from there.

I was curious to see on TV who caused that turn 2 pile-up in the 450s. Didn't expect it to be Reed, but that's what it looked like to me.

Barcia gets carted off two weeks in a row and Flug is impressed and feels for him but when Stewart gets hit in a turn by an out of control rider Flug questions how he falls off the bike.

Me thinks the scales of justice are unbalanced.
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