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Brief airhead gearbox survey

For those of you so endowed past or present i am interested in your findings with the gearboxes to see if what I experience is normal.

1st to 2nd clunky - patience & a firm lift is required.
2nd to 3rd clunkyish but not as bad as 1st to 2nd.
3-4-5 smooth as silk(ish)

3rd to 2nd - throttle blip needed
2nd to 1st - low revs, (wince) firm push (slight graunch) (wince again)

1st-neutral when cold ok

2nd or 1st - neutral when hot & stopped at lites: 2-1-2-1-2 clutch out a bit to test if in neut- stall- rock bike & notch into neutral - start bike again- wait for next change of lites & don't look at rear view mirror.
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