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Originally Posted by crash n bern View Post
Hi Chop, I had trouble finding the stainless stove tops, only seem to see the aluminum ones. But since I got my Bezzera off ebay I'm set anyway.

Plunger needs to sit for four minutes no longer. Fresh beans are a must, but I found the coffee I like the best is Monjava columbian and I get it from Coles, not as fresh as I would like but still get a pretty good brew and prefer it over fresh beans I've gotten from a roaster.

At the end of the day if your on the road and suffering instant coffee, stale beans badly ground and made into coffee any way possible is still better. There's always the old cowboy way of throwing them in the billy and letting it steep.

Hi CnB, the Bezzera certainly is a beautiful machine and will serve you well. Not sure if they still do it, but the importer offered 50% buyback if you upgraded to a new model down the track. I bought my stainless stovetop some years ago now in a a kitchenwares only shop, well before online was popular.

I am fortunate as I roast, so always have fresh beans on hand. I used to take all the kit away with me, however it took up a bit of space in the saddle bag (mainly from keeping the gear protected in bags/cases etc). Now I don't bother most of the time. Besides I was always the last one to have a cup, after brewing for everyone else. I can't stand instant, so will go without, though I don't mind the coffee bags you can buy, but need to use two.

If you've never tried an 'aeropress', you should see if you can get hold of one. I was impressed at just how smooth a cup it can produce, all else being equal etc.

In the end, the best coffee is the one you enjoy drinking. A mate loves nothing else than 'International master roast' or 'road dust' as he calls it. But it must be the worst coffee I have ever tasted

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