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Originally Posted by duck View Post
The "chain of events" in this case was another rider coming the other way losing control and crashing into the OP. Clearly not the OP's fault and the OP did what he could in the situation but IMO the "chain of events" here was the oncoming rider being a dipshit riding beyond his skill level and putting other people at risk.

The oncoming rider was a perpetrator, not a victim.

It simply amazes that people, even the OP, would ignore the 100% culpability of the oncoming rider in this case.

I wonder if the sentiment would the same if it were:

a) a 16 year old in a WRX

b) a squid on a Gixxer

c) a rube in an F250

But NOOOOO, it wasn't his fault - because he was riding a GS and had good insurance.
not all crashes are avoidable. sorry if i made it seem like the OP was to blame. if the OP did all he could do, he can rest assured that he did his best to minimize his chances of being involved in a wreck...which is probably why this one was as minor as it was.

yes, the oncoming rider is "at fault"...but there are often things we may do in order to allow more room for the errors of others. i was trying to make that point.
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