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Originally Posted by Beer_me View Post
Back to the (minor) bike issue, although I'm loving nearly everything I read about the Huskies, the maintenance intervals might be a deal killer for me. But I'm not ready to completely rule 'em out.
they're just bikes.

Keep clean oil in them, clean filters, and check the valve lash from time to time. For a recreational rider, they stay put pretty well. If you ride hard, fast, and continuous.... you'll need to do it more often.
It's not rocket science, they're really well made and as tough as anything out there.
I'd take my 310 to Baja tomorrow and do 1300 miles of offroad without a second thought, knowing I prepared it well before the trip

Remember when the KTM RFS came out more than a decade ago.... "ready to race", holds a liter of oil, race interval maintenance looked scary.
People wrung their hands over their "high maintenance"...and they turned out to be XR bulletproof.
Many folks (myself included) prefer the RFS to any of it's successors. I've had two and they've been indestructible.
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