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Originally Posted by Speedo66 View Post
Here's how....

In Westchester county NY we had a wooded dirt bike area between highways, a few hundred acres. Been used by dirt bikes for 30+ years, included a self made little motocross track and many trails.

When the mountain bike guys found it 10 years ago or so, they started whining to the county that the bad motorcyclists were riding motorized vehicles there, and they basically STOLE the fucking place from the dirt bikers. Inherited a series of ready made trails. County had to do nothing but put up a sign for a mountain bike park. The rats started calling the police whenever a dirt biker tried to ride there.

Hate fucking bicyclists!
Well, that sucks. But I'm dealing from the area I live in, where we have people that go out and build trails with nice bridges, jumps, berms, and put a lot of work into the trails.

Also, I was being sarcastic, the idiot doesn't know the difference between loose and lose.
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