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The R65 is a very much better box than in the R60/5 I had, that bike confirmed everything I'd heard about BMW gear changes. After so many years of wet clutch bikes that get hard to find neutral when hot, and clunk into gear when cold (apart from British bikes and the XS650 where you can free the clutch in neutral) I find the dry clutch bliss - it just slips into 1st hot or cold. After I lubed the splines 5th became a little sticky on upshifts, but hardly noticeable really. Thrashing full throttle redline 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd upshifts are full of gnashing gears, same with those shifts wheelspinning on gravel. My XLV750 was exactly the same on those shifts - so were they copying BMW for Paris/Dakar, or Harley Davidson for flattrack ?

I'm using Fuchs GL5 75/80 synthetic at the moment, don't notice any difference from dyno EP90. 75/85 in gearbox and drive shaft, EP90 in final drive. One day I might use the 75/80 in the final drive, it's GL5 so shouldn't be a problem....might get a 0.2% improvement in fuel economy.
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