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[QUOTE=flyingwombat;20584344]Yes I have my spacer, gotta pick up some longer bolts for it. I used a throttle from a 96 XR600R, I think they are probably all the same, not sure though. I like it because it has a pulley on the pull cable for super smooth operation, and it's much easier to reassemble.

What a bitch the stock throttle assembly is to reassemble.

If you use it, the start/kill switch will not fit. I used a Highway Dirtbikes switch perch mount, which is a thing of beauty. I had to file a bit of material off the corner to clear that stupid banjo bolt brake switch, but no big deal. I used a normally closed momentary pushbutton for the kill button and a normally open momentary pushbutton for the starter, got them both from Digikey (HDB has the pushbuttons also but I don't think he has a normally closed one listed on his site). Luckily I have a long thumb for reaching those buttons. The perch switch mount can also be mounted the other way so the switches are closer to your hand, but you will probably need a longer brake lever in that configuration.

The easiest thing to do would be to have Motion Pro make some cables for the XRL throttle. For me, the custom cables were a good excuse to swap on the XR600 throttle which I have been looking to do for a while. I also eliminated a whole bunch of redundant wire, connectors, and splices up front.

Oh, I installed an OEM CRF450X front brake hose today- it's about 6 inches longer than the CRF450R hose and looks like it will work great. I added grip heaters too.

Here's what it looks like (without cables):

[COLOR="rgb(46, 139, 87)"]Thanks for the input. I think initially I'll make the stockers,work with some help from motion pro [/COLOR]
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