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Originally Posted by From A Riders View View Post
No, they weren't. Around me we have actual groups of people who go out into the woods with permission and build legitimate trails for hiking and bike use only, no motors. They get ruined by idiots on dirt bikes all the time. This just looked like it had some mountain bike obstacles...but I said I could have been wrong, and somebody said they were just random trails in Australia, so I was.

But I'm sorry, I have to do you loose a trail?
Could have been wrong,and indeed are wrong.
Downieville is a well known Mt bike downhill and trail riding area in nor cal,there were no trails there till motorcycle guys built trails long ago. Mt bikers have done their damndest to make it their own but havent won yet.
I ride mt.bikes but the snobbery of some Mt bikers puts even horse people to shame,not all of them but enough mt bikers think they have some god given right to rule any trail they want to make their own,it just gets old.

We had a trail work day,horse people,dirt bike people, all showed up to fix and build multiple use trails,they all got along fine.
Mt bike clubs were invited,free food,learn about trail building...........not a 1 showed up,with much advance notice.
Some bikes around at times
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