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This is a great thread. We both ride and have done some long rides together and both of us solo tour. When we shipped my KTM to Europe we talked about sending over 2 bikes but thought we would get the European experience the first year two -up.

We had seldom ridden two up mostly out for dinner and a few 100 mils trips so we went and took the two up riding school at Streetmasters.

Riding in Europe defined our two up riding and confirmed that the heavy technical riding in European traffic was deemed by my wife as something she would enjoy or do.

After we arrived at our hotel in Florence (a rush hour event I found exhilarating ) Susan got off the bike and said, if I was riding in that traffic I would have ridden my motorcycle to the bank of the Arno River, pushed it in and flown home rather than ride another 10 feet. She then noticed that I had ridden up and along the sidewalk and parked directly in front of the hotel. (a group of Harleys were blocking the regular entrance) and said well I guss that your motorcycle won't end up pushed into the River).

It has taken me some time to deal with the onerous responsibility of now having a second soul onboard.

A night I used to think she was rubbing my neck with affection now I realize she is sleeping. A back rest is quite important and an intercom is a true luxury.
Canada "It's a rough place, son. In fact, you have to puke twice and show your razor just to get in. Better grow some whiskers if you wanna go to Canada." Ronnie Hawkins when asking Levon Helm to join his band and play in Canada.
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