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Originally Posted by drc42 View Post
Interesting, had not heard the full story on Mag 7.
Ya, that's the first I heard of it as well. Yet he said it was discussed and aired out "VERY publically". Where, and by who? I know you guys complained about it here, which is why I brought the issue up over there. Either I'm missing something, or he's not giving the correct story. And he wrote "For lack of a better choice of word's, things were "solved & resolved" afterward.". So, were any of you guys who didn't get your gas part of that "resolved and solved" thing?

Originally Posted by drc42 View Post
but... Last minute route change? It was obviously changed early enough to get the road books printed.
Yes, I was the one who made the day-4 course change. Then Ken pre-ran it (the whole course), then I made the final roadbooks and GPS file, then NORRA printed the roadbooks, then finally the race came. I even told Mag-7 some of their pits were off the course, well ahead of the race. There is no excuse for them putting the Todos Santos pit in the wrong place!

The current discussion on RDC:

Something some of you might be interested in is the course cutting that likely goes on. The fact that 2/3rds of the Mag-7 customers supposedly arrived at that misplaced Todos Santos pit suggests lots of people had great intuition, went looking for it, and found it. Or they were cutting the course, taking the shortcut through town, which went right past the pit. So, how do you feel about people cutting the course, and NORRA doing nothing to stop it? All it takes is one secret checkpoint to fix that!
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