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Originally Posted by DirtyDog View Post
...Continue with the socket theme, but fashion one that "pulls". Use a series of sockets and some threaded rod or a bolt. You can press that seal right out with no issues. Check out the MarkNet KLR site for a pictorial.
Originally Posted by rectangular View Post
I'm not sure I follow. That was the old seal that we had to drive out. It's the way the Clymer manual specifically described removing the old seal. We ended up punching a hole through the old one accidentally trying to remove it. It was easy enough to remove by just using a larger drift which spread the force over a larger area.

I really like the tip for tracing the outline in cardboard and placing the bolts in the cardboard. Seems like it completely prevents any chance for future error!
Look at the link I provided above. Tough to describe without pics. I've removed the seal with both methods. At this point, I prefer a puller over a drift on any such removal... bearings, seals, etc. Slow, even pressure vs. smacking a pointed object against a delicate one. Makes sense to me.
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