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Originally Posted by Mr. BigWheel View Post

I do believe that you may have the ultimate wheelie machine under construction. That might even merit a wheelie bar.


I considered a lot of the UTV tires until I started comparing their weights. Some of them are 7 ply rated and weigh over 30lbs!!!! In the end, I ordered a Duro HF243. It is pretty old school, but it is only a two ply and weighs less than 16lbs. I didn't want to put a heavy tire on that aluminum rim. I had a 25x12-9 in the shop, so I studded it and was petty happy with the results. The tire I ordered is a 24x11-10. It is coming via USPS, so I'll probably see it in a few months when the sled dog teams make it through the pass.


That is a pic of the 25x12-9.

For the front, I ordered a couple of Carlisle AT489 X/Ls. I think the AT489 IIs would be a great choice but the knobs on the shoulders wouldn't readily handle being studded. The X/Ls have a 3/4" deep lug and should accept a longer stud. I'll get them up and running as soon as the Pony Express arrives.


Mr. BigWheel
We will see how well it wheelie's. Hopefully you are right, all of the weight is in the back
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