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Originally Posted by Feyala View Post
I feel kind of weird for saying this, because one of my phobias is folks in white coats with sharp implements, but I'd like to avoid general anesthesia if possible, simply because it has its own risks. The cavity-riddled wisdom tooth is already a bit loose, so I don't think it'd be too hard to pull. I'm not sure about the half-exposed sideways one. I'll definitely be looking into my options. The cavity one worries me a bit because I don't know if it's infected or abcessed (I've been treating it with raw garlic just in case), if it is, I might not be able to wait the month and a half for my passport renewal to go through to take care of it. We'll see what the consultation says, then at least I'll know what I'm in for either way.
+1 on the "Knock my A** out club, and i had all 4 done just to get it over with you only need one go round and the healing time is the same... They are not really knocking you out, as in a general, , they just make it so your out enough not to care... I don't remember it but my wife said they could ask me to open my mouth and what not. All 4 of mine were in sideways.. and had long roots the Dr basically said he didn't want me awake cause it was not going to be pretty. I was amazed how much better I slept after getting them out, they tend to push on your teeth and mis-align your jaw..

Plus I am a total dental weenie.. My first dentist at about 6 or 7 had the motto that "Novocaine was for wimps" and besides he only had to drill a little bit.. Bas*** stuck me to the ceiling a couple times..

Good luck and take care of yourself...

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