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Indonesia, a re-visit

Got tickets to Bali as Christmas present and off we were, together with my mother and brother, to the Indonesian "island of Gods". Hadn't been together with the family for a long time, but going together didn't mean that after some time together, we couldn't leave them off on the beach that they had been looking forward to, and go riding, the thing we had been longing for. It it was sort of a "best of both worlds" set-up for a holiday trip :)

There is something about Indonesia that made us want to go back after we had been there while on our RTW trip. Our definite favourites back then were the islands of Sumatra, Flores & Bali, but the first two, although being culturally rich and featuring some amazing landscapes, lack good tourist infrastructure, so they are not the best option for people who have come on a vacation hoping to stay at nice places and engage in tourist-oriented activities.In this respect, we (me and Kariina) and them (my mom and my brother) are of totally different orientation – over the years we became so used to staying at random digs that we almost ignored the fact that there are nicer places, too. We had always been staying at the cheapest place offering a secure place to park our bike, but this trip was different, and the people were different, too. As much as we would have liked to enjoy the nomadic life without any plans or bookings, just a map in our hands, we had to take care of the rest of the family and find places where their needs and expectations would be satisfied, too - where there would be beach, cultural events and souvenir shopping. So it was Bali on the plate, and everybody was happy.

The mighty mountains over Afghanistan, 50km north of Kabul. I've always dreamed to go here with my own bike and not just be limited with a Wakhan. Hopefully someday, when peace is upon its people...

Hindu Kush mountains on the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan, near the famous Khyber pass.

Our rental bike in Bali - 7 USD per day (vario scooter you can get for 4 USD per day), it's a very underpowered 250cc Yamaha Byson, but fairly economical and enough for Indonesian highways. I was surprised at very heavy gearbox like Yamahas tend to do, but though smaller Yammies don't suffer under this. Even our WWII technology BMW farming tractor shifts more smooth... :)

At 250cc there's little comparison with a Byson, but hey, we all can dream...

Girls on the beach...

Seafood restaurant on the beach. Like everything else food is very cheap in Indonesia. Only beer is a little expensive - around 2 USD a bottle

Grilled corn seller - tastes good!

Nasi Gorent with fish, decent stuff!

That's me with my new friend.

Yes, some plants have red leaves in Indonesia.

A friendly woman working on ricefields stopped passing us by - she gave us some banana.

Inside Indonesian jungle...

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