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Bali is fascinating in terms of being the only Hinduist island in the biggest Muslim country in the world. With a very long, vivid and highly spiritual culture of their own, they interestingly don't share much with the Indian hinduism, and are not looked very well upon by the Muslim majority, although Islam in Indonesia is far less radical than in Middle-Eastern countries. It's just mind boggling how much culture there is in Bali: from music, dance, poetry all the way to meditation. The Hindu weddings and funerals take a whole different definition, and their interpretation of reality is like from another dimension. In fact through the Western background that over simplifies religion it's hard to describe the highly vivid Hinduism, an utterly complex system of spirituality that you cannot convert, but have to be born into.


Working with a tractor on ricefields to recirculate the ground and prepare it for the new seeds. It's for the more richer people though, poorer do the same job with buffalos or even the usual cows.

The great epic of hindusim accompanied by the unique Balinese Gamelan music. They make very unusal movements during the show that lives through the Ramayana story, the greatest works known to man.

...::: LISTEN the Gamelan music of the Ramayana epics :::...

(The same Gamelan music I recorded on the spot, played by the same 20+ members band you can see in the background and in the front of the Ramayana actors. The drummers are on the right and the Gong-players are missing from the frames.)

A nocturnal transition over Indian ocean...

Indonesian boats (with the unique stabilizers) look to the ocean - every day they go fishing, often 2 times a day and each time they are dragged to dry.

All local use small mopeds - the best way to get around Indonesia.

All families fit on 'em.

A new day...

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