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I was born in Wyo. I remember this. I must have been 4 years old in the 60s. I faintly remeber that We crawled inside this pyramid with a road flare. As i recall, it was windy and out in the middle of nowhere...
Originally Posted by hayduke.klr07
Well crap, I didn't know a person had been able to get in there. Learn something new every day!
Actually, you're both right. You can't get into the Ames Monument today, but you could back in the day. The state got worried about people crawling in and getting injured, so they built up a new terrace of sorts around the base, and piled several hundred tons of gravel in front of the entrance. (see all that nice grey gravel in tyhe photo?) There's no sign at all now that it was ever accessible.

THX_337 is also right about his memory of the wind. Ames Monument, and the 10,000 foot high plains around it, is one of the windiest spots on earth, particularly in winter. Within sight of Ames Monument, vehicles pulling light trailers blow off I-80 nearly every day in winter. The local towing business owners get rich from that wind!

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