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BTW it's not about dropping everything to provide low-margin services for every price-shopper that calls or drops in - it's about setting the customer's expectations up front, being honest, following through on what you promise, and sometimes going the extra mile for someone (especially if they are in a bad situation (broken down or stranded)).

I have no idea how you ran your business, and I'm genuinely sorry it didn't work out - nothing saddens me more than someone having to shutter their dreams - but it sounds like you considered many of your customers to be nothing more than a Pain In The Ass...not a formula that generally works out long-term.
Customers in bad situations (and with good attitudes who don't walk in demanding you drop everything to service their needs) is way different.

No, I did not treat my customers like they were a PITA...I closed very busy, with people in line, having to disappoint and turn people away. One man show, too willing to "drop everything" to help out the guys who "were in a bind"...just didn't make enough money to cover the overhead (unless I wanted to live at the shop and wreck my marriage).

There should be a happy medium here between a business owner's need to be able to do what's right for his business vs. what the "customer" feels he deserves.
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