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Well, I look at it like this:

When I'm on the big bastard going off pavement, I usually have somewhere to go. My reason for riding is to see the place, have some fun, and enjoy my adventure.

I'm not going to meet new folks, eat different food, see new sights if I'm on my back in some out of the way hospital with a wadded up bike.

Riding prudently when the track is unknown might not be as exhilarating, but those 30 minutes of exhilaration might well put a rather sudden end to my two weeks of travel. And maybe put an end to more.

To each his own, and in hindsight, sure, the fellow walked away with a binned motorbike only, but it could have been a lot worse.

I suggest to you that had his mate sprinted up to him and found him in the fetal position seriously injured or worse-- which could have very easily happened-- we would be having a very different conversation.

I have never had the big GS act like that, but last year on the Trans-Lab I did have the F650 Dakar swap ends on me after hitting big, one foot apart mini whoops at the top of a hill, followed by about 4" of fresh gravel.
I was moving right along on the return leg of the trip and decided to take it down a notch after that. Not the best suspension on that little bike (well sorted Ohlins on the big GS) which is being rectified as I type.

Funny the things that flash through your mind but I remember thinking, "I wonder what they'll find of my body, maybe a helmet and a piece of jacket?" as I was fighting a bike that was trying to swap ends on me and working towards the 12' drop on the side of the road.
"So what makes this protest different is that you're set to die, Bobby?"
--May well come to that.
"You start a hunger strike to protest for what you believe in. You don't start already determined to die or am I missing somethin' here?"
-- It's in their hands. Our message is clear. They're seeing our determination.

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