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Originally Posted by Ninthlord View Post
I'm looking at these mods:

- Diode board/solid mounts. I'd like to install the whole Omega charging system, but it's a bit pricey. I can afford the Thunderchild diode mod and the VR.
- Final drive. Can I just replace the stock ujoint with a serviceable one, or does the entire shaft ass'y need replacing? Sounds expensive. I carry a fire extinguisher.
- Tranny output shaft. I did the research, mine is circlip-free. Doesn't sound terribly expensive, except in labor terms. Cuanto es esto?
These are my top three priorities, as they can all be stranders, and I like to ride this bike. I just can't do 'em all at once.
Have any of these given you trouble?

Some say that the valves start dropping after about 45-50k miles.

Personally I'd concentrate on sympathetic mods that improve the ride such as the seat and front brake.
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