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Originally Posted by Off the grid View Post
Fantastic work!

A few thoughts.

The toolkit on the are going to want to cut some notches in the fender for the clips to mount to or it will work itself loose and you will lose it driving. I learned that one the hard way.

Does the front wheel clear the round storage container when fully compressed?

Depending on what countries you go through, lots of street urchins do the "slice and dash", where they cut straps of gear and run off with it. This can happen even with the rider on the bike, which is why lots of riders go with hard cases. Your setup, while awesome, seems really vulnerable to that type of crime.

Do you know the total wet weight?

In any case, I don't mean to piss in your Corn Flakes, just a heads-up. I wish I had 1/10th of your fabrication skills, patience, and craftsmanship. Living the dream!!
Thank you Bro! Glad to hear your thoughts !
I really didn't thought about front fender and tool bag..very nice advice! will fixing it!

About front wheel and toolbox..My first view led me to same thoughts but my voodoo dance with scale around the wheel show me clearance 20-30 mm that will good for knobby tires i think too... So first test drive will show how it work)) But now really very cold and snowy)

And Yes i know and saw that is happening in Asia countries ) all understand , but my opinion and attitude to my life is a karma ) in Last years i realized many things and constants of our world and the i'm open to all that i must get and that i earned through my doings, thoughts and relations)
One of great principle it's Then what you are filled, is that you get and is that surround you! Your content is thoughts , that you feeling , that you eat and Which doings you do.. I understand that it very hard work on himself but it make me Really happy man on this earth.. I love told it to everyone who meet me everywhere.. I can say only Thank you to all) because we are all masters and learners for each over, that make our experience richer!

I don't know really weight on scale but had some calculating that is about 170 Kg without bags and me. Bags should weight around 30 kg and me 80-85kg with gear... hmm so i hope that 11kg rear spring will be enough like gold middle for load and unload variants ..

It's okey i'm only glad to hear it!

Originally Posted by Adamco2 View Post
I hope mine looks half as good when I'm done with my rebuild. Good luck with your trip!
Thank you ! Your Luck will be with me.. i trust that each sound each thoughts each word make big powerful effect on our Life!
Destiny in Your Hands, Freedom in Our Hearts!
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