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About Honda CRF250L

Advertised at 144 kg, i weigthed it at 141 kg with the bathroom scale all wet.
As stock (euro model) it doesn't have the emission stuff, side reflectors and big plate support, that seems right with Ramz weighting (309 lbs), with 7.7 lt (2.06 gallons)

To "un-weight" 10kg (22 lbs), I removed some unuseful things (still keeping it here legal), as ..
Chain guard, Helmet lock, Blinkers, Saddle strap, Right rear mirror, Passenger footpegs

.. and swapped heavy parts with lighters ..
Rear fender eliminator, UFO headlight plate, FMF exhaust line (w/ fuel controller & db killer), Alu sprocket (w/ speedo DRD), A123-4cells battery

Now it weights 131kg (289 lbs), bathroom scale controlled with 34.5 in seat height. Matter also where the weight is.
With added performance (and 1'300$ more to the bill), i'm pleased with the result for a daily driver + WE offroader

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