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Originally Posted by THX_337 View Post
Took the dakar out for a ride in the PacNorthWet yesteday . Sun came out and it was beatutiful. I stopped by a river (Snolqualmie) to see how the fishing was. Went to start the bike and everything lit up and then died. No power whatsoever.. I checked all the fuses and they were good.

I called BMW and they said my battery probably imploded. Short story, bike was dead, and I couldn't get in touch with the misus, my neighbor couldn't help me until he got off work at 7 pm. I ditched the bike at a farm, after pushing it nearly a mile. I then hiked about five miles in the dark to a small town (Carnation) finally got a msg from the misus, she got the ramp the straps all loaded into the truck, closed the garage and then remembered that her keys, purse an cell phone were in there.. She was locked out . She used another neighbors phone to call me. In any event, I called a friend and he offered to come get me ... It was late now. It was foggy and cold, so I hung out in a library. They closed and kicked me out. I hung around outside the library waiting for my buddy to pick me up. The local sheriff drove by a couple of times and then stopped and told me he was going ticket me for loitering. I told him my story, he said I couldnt hang out on the street and he took me to the station. By this time my cell phone was dead. I had to use a station phone to get my buddy directions to the station. In any event got, home, the misus was sitting in her truck freezing and then it began to poor buckets. Just in time..

I got up at 6 am this morning and got the bike. It was still raining. Pain in the ass to load by yourself.

Once at home, I checked and got an AGM battery, per the majority of the opinion over on the forum, from O'Reillys auto parts. The parts store did a load test and sure enough there is short in the old battery. I installed the new battery, bike fired up and away I went to ride some Forrest service roads up to the snow. No problems.

I have never had a battery implode like this. Is this a common problem? I may have tried to start the bike with the heated grips on high and the Piaa lights were on. Maybe this did it in. If so, I must be more careful next time.

Just curious. I am now a bit nervous about remote trips on the Dakar.

I have just been through a similar experience with my G650GS. Riding OK and stopped for petrol then did not restart, had to push home. Gave the battery a trickle charge for a couple of days and reconnected it to the bike, all seemed OK, went for about an hour and stopped and restart the engine various times, then went for petrol and did not start all dead apart from a few whirrs and buzzing noises for a short time. Change the battery now all OK. Charging system giving 14.1 volts so back to riding.
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