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Originally Posted by Adv Grifter View Post
I agree. Not many DR's lose the clutch. Very few I've heard about ... but synthetic oil with friction modifiers will do it. If the rest of the bike looks OK ... could be a good deal. Clutch is easy and relatively cheap to replace.
Originally Posted by 1989THEARK View Post
I ran royal purple

and valvoline in 2 seperate bikes

by accident.

moral of the story dont ever "ever" Ever! !!!EVER!!

run energy conserving oils i your bike.

liquid evil i tell yuh.

But great in cars
Originally Posted by Kommando View Post
A binding clutch cable could have been a culprit too.
Thanks for all the reply's. Good info. I'll check the steering head bearings, clutch cable and never use energy conserving oil in a bike. There is a lot of people who use ATF in their trials bikes. Just change it frequently as it is cheap. The clutch on my (and most) trials bike is like a light switch - on or off. I bought the ATF and was ready to dump all 500cc's in and I couldn't do it. It's only 500cc and I just wanted to use oil made specifically for a 2 stroke wet clutch gear box. Cost a lot more but I sleep better.
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