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A man between ricefields.

A muslim I met in Kalibukbuk - I gave him a proper islamic greeting and he couldn't believe it - a smile with a respect came into his face and he called for his family to greet us.

A shy girl on the street.

Balinese man Tom in a place called Lovina - we had a long chat with him about the difference of living standards and he couldn't believe that it's my oservation that the rich western people with nice cars and houses are rarely as happy and as positive as the people here.

The fairytale-like ricefields of Indonesia, situated around the rim of a volcano giving very fertile grounds.

The funky brothers going to a lunchbreak after a tough half a day at the ricefields. Rice is on their menu today, too.

Sekum Pul waterfalls. We went under it, but it's impossible to photograph it from there with so much water in the air - wish I could have a waterproof camera.

It's a series of waterfalls in different places, some in stunning settings - terraced ricefields and people live just above the massive waterfall. It goes way deeper that the pic shows. We did trek through the jungle under this one as well, it was a very rough and steep track, almost impassable with multiple landslides it had suffered - some seen below the pic.

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