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See the little tabs on the side of the three pin connector? That's what I need on the males of the larger ones in order to actually latch the females from the wiring harness together with the male connections from inside the bucket. Without those, I'm gonna have to resort to the RTV again....I think I'll spend a little time looking harder before I decide which way to go. As added incentive, I bought an ebay metal Aprilla headlamp bucket that looks a lot nicer than the plastic one that came with my bike. So I don't really mind redoing those connectors, if I can find the proper males with the latching tabs. Anyone knows a source, I'm appreciative in advance.

Greg, Thanks for the solid brake line suggestion. Unfortunately, I already have the originals on order, and unless I manage to mess them up, I think they'll probably look and work better than anything I could bend myself.[/QUOTE]

Hi, Try for the block connectors that you require. They have a great range of Guzzi items and a particularly user friendly website. I know they are on the other side of the pond from you but they may be the answer to this particular spare parts issue and others that may arise.

Great work you are doing on your goose and a great thread. Well done!
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