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Something some of you might be interested in is the course cutting that likely goes on. The fact that 2/3rds of the Mag-7 customers supposedly arrived at that misplaced Todos Santos pit suggests lots of people had great intuition, went looking for it, and found it. Or they were cutting the course, taking the shortcut through town, which went right past the pit. So, how do you feel about people cutting the course, and NORRA doing nothing to stop it? All it takes is one secret checkpoint to fix that!
Good thing this race is so much fun otherwise this would be a serious issue. I am guessing the guys who cut the course had less fun. From what I recall of that area of the course there was a bit where you had to look off to the side of the road for some NORRA stickers stuck to some bushes, there was a very faint path through the bushes then down a steep hill. Very fun little bit of the course. I bet the guys who cut didn't get to do this bit.

But yeah, a hidden checkpoint or two would be good. Or, the GPS recorders they have talked about for the past couple of years.
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