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Originally Posted by drc42 View Post
Cool angle on those shots. Now you just need to figure out one of those MotoGP style gyro stabilized ones where the camera is always inline with the horizon.

I have had rough ideas on my head for a sort of stedicam mount for a bike but had not figured out how to mount it. I am thinking the backpack idea might work there.
I like that idea. Some guys use servos and a gyro but I think that is a bit too complex for the dirt and wet of the rally environment. I think I could come up with a way to give it one plane of freedom so it would keep the horizon level. If I find the right swivel I could hang the camera as a pedulum and let gravity do the rest...if...

Here's one of the videos I used for a starting plan. I have a shorter boom and mine comes straight off the T at the backpack to minimize part count and complexity. I can break it down and fit it all in my backpack that I use for Rally.

I'll do a how-to thread when I get it all dialed in.

Which of the three angles looked best?
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