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Resurrecting a /5 BMW

Hi y'all,

Newish member, first post, nice to be here.

After a 4-year hiatus, I've dug my '71 BMW out of the pile in back of the shop and have it once again running a bit. It starts right up, idles relatively smoothly and accelerates well. Problem is, when it settles in at a steady RPM with no positive throttle applied, it misses and runs very rough. What I mean by no positive throttle is that it runs smoothly going uphill. I've cleaned and gapped the points, set the timing and checked the wires, plugs, etc. Before parking it, I'd replaced the twin coils with a single Harley-type coil with a 3-ohm rating. Carbs are new 34mm Mikunis, so I doubt this is a fueling issue, it feels very strongly like ignition.

The only thing I can think of is maybe the centrifugal advance unit, so I have some new springs on the way. Any other ideas or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Again, it's good to be here,and thanks in advance for your wisdom and advice.
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