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CRF250L vs WR250R

I sure would had to see someone make the wrong purchase

I'm not good with words.. lol I do agree the CRF250L is a great bike, but man.. it just doesn't feel as nimble/quick/fast as the WR250R... so the review or debate really is.. how do you ride. If we are talking country road adventure riding then ok... not a LOT of advantage but if we take it deeper in the woods and what the bike ultimately can do, then I think we see the WRRs differences become more evident quickly...

Maybe it's just me.. Ramz has both so maybe he can pipe in more.. but after riding the CRF its a great bike for adventure touring but I just didn't feel it handle as good. more casual rider position and i did noticed the extra weight..

Feb' issue of Rider mag did a review of the CRF/KLX/WR, they put #1 WR, #2 KLX, #3 CRF, they write,

"The strongest performer overall, no matter the surface is the Yamaha. But its not perfect -- an annoying narrow clutch engagement point makes day-to-day riding more difficult and hinders clutch slipping in technical off-pavement work. It's also cold-blooded, which is unusual for the fuel-injected machine. Still, the most serious riders - at least with serious bank accounts - will buy the Yamaha, spin up the best 250cc motor we've seen and never look back. Because if they do, there might be a KLX250S nipping at their knobs."

I guess if I just putted around and enjoyed light adventure riding and wanted to save some cash on features of a bike I'll never really use, then I'd look at the CRF250L.. but since I don't fit that class... I made the right purchase

Happy Monday fellas!

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