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Originally Posted by wario View Post

But, not to start a "oil" thread - but, a warm engine is a warm engine. I do not believe that the motor knows the difference in temps between when its hot from riding, and hot from idling.

I do believe the key is to get the motor hot - period. If its idling, then it needs to idle until the temp gauge reaches normal operating temperature. Otherwise, you will not bake/cause evaporation of the condensation out of the oil and the muffler/exhaust...

The wet oil needs to exceed 212 F. in order to boil off the condensation. This means a ride of adequate length and the engine oil at 212 F. + for an extended period.

You'll likely get comments regarding idling the engine to operating temperature rather than riding the engine to operating temperature.

Also, I believe the crankcase vent will expel the crankcase gasses and condensation. So, check your crankcase vent for moisture (JVB, I believe the vent terminates in the air box?).
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