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Originally Posted by ducnut View Post
My MTB partner, who's 6'4"/~250lbs, sent his shock and fork into Fox. They revalved everything, for his weight. You just need to call them and they'll give you the details on what to do.

I suspect it has to with your riding position, on steep downhill terrain. You're really far back, on the bike, offsetting the slope. That's partly why a DH rig is "leaned back".

I'm thinking about doing the same in sending my suspension into Fox or I also hear Push can do a great job as well. Do you have an idea off hand of what your friend paid? I think I'm still so amazed by my Giant that I don't really yet realize any shortcomings in the suspension; for 99% of the terrain I ride, the suspension is flawless. This bike continues to be my all time favorite purchase.

I agree my riding position is probably doing it. I'm sure there are faster people here than I am, but I do ride very aggresively on downhill runs. I try to keep the tires off the ground as much as I can. I'll take some lower back pain if it means having 5-10 minutes of bliss.

Short list before this season is new platform pedals, a tuneup, lightweight full face helmet and maybe a dropper post... maybe. I think I'm going to sport a full face for a majority of my rides next season. I narrowly escaped eating a rock last summer, and the deductible on my dental plan is high.
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